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Dr. Bill's Joint Health Compound
Dr. Bill's Joint Health Compound is a special formulation of key ingredients, including rare Green Lipped Mussel Extract from New Zealand, that eliminates arthritis joint pain and rejuvenates aching joints, from the inside, out!

Maximum Allicin Garlic Extract
This premium, pharmaceutical grade garlic extract, super pure and ultra-concentrated, provides 6500mcg of allicin and has many heart healthy, antioxidant, anticoagulant, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and immune boosting properties. It is the ideal complement for ULTIMATE OMEGA-3 fish oil, to block its undesirable LDL-raising effect and convert fish oil into a net cholesterol-lowering agent.

Ultimate Omega-3
This highly concentrated, ultra pure, pharmaceutical grade fish oil is the optimal source for the essential omega 3 fatty acids, EPA & DHA, with at least 900mg in every enteric coated capsule, fully comparable to the prescription drug, Lovaza®, but at a fraction of its retail cost.

Heart Charging CoQ10
This pharmaceutical grade CoEnzyme Q10, in its reduced UBIQUINOL form, for optimal absorption and bioavailability, supercharges your heart (as well as brain, liver, kidneys and every cell in your body) with crackling cellular energy! It is also a super antioxidant, which protects cells and DNA from damaging free radicals! CoQ10 is absolutely required, if you are on a statin drug for elevated cholesterol!

This pharmaceutical grade nitric oxide booster restores youthful vigor and enhances male sexual performance, with rock-hard erections, and releases endogenous growth hormone, with increased lean muscle growth, strength and endurance.

Heart Health Program
A Doctor-designed Plan Eliminates the Root Causes of Heart Disease, Safer Than Surgery or Medication...And Without All the Risks

Rapid Fire Fat Loss
The Doctor's Personal Plan To Get Fat-Free Fast! How he lost 60 Pounds of fat, After Age 60 - with a broken back - and kept it off! A simple, easy to follow, doctor designed, step-by-step program to melt off body fat, prevent heart disease and stroke, boost immunity and super-charge your sex life and energy levels

Little Green Book for Eliminating Knee Pain
This concise but comprehensive volume provides the essential information and insider secrets for understanding the root causes of knee pain, and the many available options from across the treatment spectrum for obtaining fast relief of symptoms. It also reveals how to avoid surgery and what to do if surgery is needed.

Pain-Free Program-Exercises to Prevent or Eliminate Knee Pain. This program features a selection of various strengthening and stretching exercises, designed to promote knee strength, stability and function and most of all, relieve pain. All exercises are specifically modified for those with knee pain, and those who wish to avoid it.

How to Avoid Knee Surgery Dr.Bill, a Master Orthopaedic Surgeon who helped 90% of his patients avoid surgery reveals "Insider Secrets" that will eliminate your pain and help you get your life back....

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