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Dear Friend,

Remember when all it took was the merest thought of a pretty face, or the glimpse of a shapely body to trigger the gallant reflex? Or the raging, rock-hard response to a sexy kiss? In the first flush of youth, your "equipment" was always ready to rise for action, within seconds. You felt big as a house, hard as steel and horny as Hell!

Not only that, but after a powerful, deeply satisfying orgasm, a short rest was all you needed, before you were up and at 'em again and ready for round two. Ahh! Those were the days!

Sadly, the powers of youth don't last. By middle age, those powers are already beginning to wane. And it only gets worse with advancing age.

No, we can't make you nineteen again, but we CAN help you recapture the vigorous erectile function of a randy teenager! Now you can return to feeling like a real MAN again and satisfying your partner like you haven't for a long, long time!

And it's all based on a discovery that was awarded a Nobel Prize for Medicine.

The Dreaded Symptom of ED -- Erectile Dysfunction

Is there anything more frustrating, humiliating, or disappointing for a man and his intimate partner than his inability to "get it up" and "keep it up," at the moment of truth? Sure, anyone can have an occasional episode of "the bends," even young guys, once in a while. But when it becomes the rule, rather than the exception... you have a problem.

Trying to make the most of your soft, partial erection doesn't work.

Trying to FORCE yourself into getting an erection doesn't work. The harder you try, the softer it gets.

And trying to ignore the situation, as you AND your partner become progressively more frustrated, anxious and depressed definitely doesn't work.

The Bad News Is... It will only get WORSE

Whether or not the stress of ED will take a toll on your relationship and your partner will leave you, cheat on you behind your back, or some other horrible result, one thing is very clear -- this problem just won't go away on its own.

Impotence, or ED, as it's called today, defined as the consistent inability to get or maintain an effective erection, capable of penetration and sexual intercourse, has always been a source of great anxiety for men. But why does it happen?

While this condition was initially thought to be only psychological, scientific research has shown that erectile dysfunction is most often physiological -- it has real physical origins. These may include stress, fatigue, chronic disease (like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, heart disease, neurological disease, alcoholism, etc.), smoking, or low testosterone levels. But the most common final pathway is usually age-related atherosclerosis.

While it isn't inevitable, and in fact, it can happen at any age, there is still a pretty good chance of developing ED as you age: 70.2% prevalence in men 70 years of age and older!

Why is this so?

The "Root" of the Problem

As we age, the feeder arteries to the penis become gradually blocked by atherosclerotic plaque, cholesterol laden deposits, within the walls of the arteries. These plaques gradually become larger, constricting the inner opening (lumen) of the genital arteries, gradually closing off that vital blood supply, and slowly robbing you of your sexual birthright.

Finally, when the penile blood supply is reduced to a trickle, total impotence, or what today is called erectile dysfunction, or ED -- the inability to get, or maintain, an erection -- is the end result.

By the way, this process of arterial plaque formation is exactly the same within the coronary arteries of the heart, which may ultimately result in the crushing chest pain of angina and may predispose you to a heart attack, or even sudden death! When this pathology affects the arteries of the brain, a TIA (transient ischemic attack), or a stroke (CVA, or cerebral vascular accident) can result!

These conditions are all caused by the same underlying disease! And it's why symptoms of ED are thought to be a warning sign of possible heart disease.

The Miracle of Nitric Oxide

The mystery of why and how normal erections occur and how that natural function is progressively lost was studied by medical researchers. What they found was amazing!

Scientists discovered a previously unknown gaseous messenger molecule, called nitric oxide, that controls arterial blood flow. Among other properties, this miracle messenger molecule relaxes the smooth muscle layer within the walls of arteries, causing them to dilate and increase the blood flow within them, but without any increase in systemic blood pressure.

This research was so ground breaking that the discovery of oxide was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine!

Nitric Oxide Causes Normal Erections

An erection is caused by an inflow of arterial blood into the male organ, so that more blood enters than leaves the spongy chambers within it (corpora cavernosa -- the large twin bodies, marked "E" in the cross sectional diagram below).

These extensile bodies within the penis become engorged with an inflow of ever more blood. When the swelling blood-filled chambers reach the limits of the tough fibrous membranes (Tunica albuginea, C & D in the diagram) that define its ultimate size and shape, the internal hydraulic pressure in the penis rapidly rises, causing it to swell and grow progressively longer, thicker and harder, until it is standing rigid, fully erect... and ready!

It works pretty much like inflating a car tire: air pumped in reaches the limits of the tough surrounding tire, and internal pressure progressively rises, until the tire becomes hard and strong enough to support the full weight of the vehicle.

So, Nitric oxide's main effect is to relax smooth muscle cells, such as those within the walls of the genital arteries, as noted above, resulting in more blood inflow and penile erection. But it has other properties, as well.

Nitric oxide (NO) also inhibits the ability of blood to clot and decreases the formation of arterial atherosclerotic plaque (i.e., hardening of the arteries). In this way, it decreases the risk of heart disease.

In addition, it enhances wound healing, by promoting collagen (protein) formation, as well as increased tissue circulation.

But, let's get back to the main reason you're here....

New Hope For ED

It was 1998 when Viagra® hit the shelves of local pharmacies. And suddenly there was new hope for men suffering from the crushing humiliation and frustration of ED. The little blue pill was a game changer for millions!

Viagra® is actually a drug called sildenafil, which blocks a specific enzyme, cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) specific phosphodiesterase type 5 (cGMP-PDE5), that normally breaks down and deactivates the nitric oxide, produced in the blood vessels and muscles.

The end result of blocking the enzyme that breaks down NO is MORE NITRIC OXIDE in the tissues, for a longer period of time, which results in getting and keeping a full blown erection.

The drug does not spontaneously cause erection, but just permits the natural process to occur, in response to any type of sufficient sexual stimulation.

Unfortunately, the potential side effects of the drug were frightening -- low blood pressure, fainting and possible blindness! And these side effects were shared by the other ED medications that soon hit the market, Levitra® Cialis® and more recently, Stendra® as well.

The 100% Natural Solution

But now, there is an all new, 100% natural solution -- a pleasant tasting, citrus flavored, water-based, effervescent drink that will keep you UP all night!

This special formula is NOT an enzyme blocker, or a drug, of any kind. Instead, it is a powerful supplement that acts as a nitric oxide booster. And, though it works through a different pathway than the ED drugs, it has the same end result: an increased concentration of nitric oxide in the tissues, resulting in longer, harder, more effective and longer-lasting erections!

As with the ED drugs, or indeed, natural erections, this response requires sexual stimulation -- visual, mental, or tactile -- it is not an automatic, or spontaneous effect.

And, because it's a water-based, sparkling liquid, it is very easily absorbed and enters your bloodstream and your entire system very rapidly, much faster than any pill, rushing its active ingredients right to the area they're needed. So within mere minutes, you're UP and ready to go!

Best of all, it LACKS the dreaded side effects of the popular ED drugs, while delivering powerful equivalent results where it counts -- in the bedroom!

Introducing... MegRx

MegRx is the all natural alternative solution for men who suffer from ED. Just mix the contents of a single serving into a small volume of water and mix. It fizzes up, creating a refreshing, sparkling, orange flavored drink that is rapidly absorbed. And in mere minutes, you will be primed, pumped... and ready for heart- pounding, nerve-tingling action!

Unlike the ED drugs, MegRx does NOT block an enzyme that normally deactivates nitric oxide in the arteries. Instead, it directly PRODUCES MORE NITRIC OXIDE! And it does so without raising your blood pressure.

So What's In This Super Supplement?

L-Arginine is the core active ingredient. This is the same amino acid used to provoke nitric oxide production in the body, during laboratory experiments, and to test endogenous growth hormone release from the pituitary gland. You get 2,000mg in each serving!

L-Citrulline is an immediate chemical precursor of L-arginine, so this substance supplements the initial L-arginine content and is converted by the body into even more of the active ingredient. L-citrulline may increase plasma arginine levels by 60%!

But that's not all.

There are a number of additional ingredients that research has shown support the action of L-arginine and significantly boost its effectiveness:

Ascorbic acid, or Vitamin C: Potent antioxidant which increases levels of SOD (Superoxide dismutase--a super antioxidant, which limits the damage of free radicals, which can decrease NO production, or even scavenge NO), thereby making more NO available.

Vitamin E: Potent antioxidant that combats free radical damage and works together with Vitamin C to increase NO production.

Quercetin::A flavonol, which may increase NO bioavailability, which increases it's erection-enhancing power, and may preserve endothelial (inner lining of arteries) function.

Green Tea Polyphenols: Potent antioxidants and catechins, which increase the bioavailability of NO within the inner lining of the arteries (endothelium).

Folic acid: Reduces levels of homocysteine (which increases NO degradation) in the blood, thereby increasing NO availability.

All these additional ingredients boost the power of MegRx by SYNERGY-- their individual effects are MULTIPLIED when they are taken together.

These ingredients, in addition to helping produce rock-hard erections in men, ALSO have tremendous all-around health benefits.

Folic acid, green tea extract, and ascorbic acid are all potent antioxidants that quench damaging free radicals, which can harm your cells and even your DNA. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, too, and is great for your skin, besides.

The nitric oxide mediated increased blood flow to the tissues also increases oxygen uptake, reduces inflammation, promotes cellular division (enhances wound healing) and mitochondrial synthesis (enhanced cellular energy production), supports the immune system... and helps to make you physiologically YOUNGER.

It also reduces your risk of heart attack, stroke, and relieves intermittent claudication (leg pain on walking, from arterial narrowing and blocked circulation).

Additional Benefits of L-Arginine

Besides its powerful erection-enhancing effects, from increased nitric oxide levels, L-arginine has additional properties that deserve mention, as well.

First, it stimulates the secretion and release of endogenous (naturally produced, from your own body) Growth Hormone (GH) from the pituitary gland.

L-arginine also helps to detoxify ammonia in the body, produced by chemical reactions.

L-arginine increases the length of stretched muscles, by adding new muscle cells (sarcomeres) to the ends of the muscle, thereby increasing its overall size, strength and endurance.

L-arginine also increases lean muscle mass (through its effect on growth hormone) and decreases body fat, by increasing insulin sensitivity.

So, don't be surprised if you start looking buff and a bit chiseled, after taking MegRx for a few weeks. And many athletes have increased their NO levels with L-arginine supplements, to improve their muscular development, power and performance.

Because of all the multiple benefits of this life-enhancing formula, I recommend that you take this formula, not ONLY when you want to have unbelievably satisfying sex but every day of your life.

In fact, Nobel Laureate, Dr. Louis Ignarro, has stated: "More than any other single factor, Nitric Oxide may be the key to living a longer, healthier life."

But all these additional properties are just extra added attractions and beside the main point:

You want to be assured that MegRx can restore your virility and your ability to enjoy raw, sheet-twisting, sweat-drenching, pulse-pounding sex, with full, thick, and rock-hard erections, like you had when you were younger.

So let me remind you of one more edge this formula gives you, which is how FAST this will work for you:

You Don't Have to Take a Single Pill!

Dr. Bill's MegRx is a pleasant, orange-flavored powder that you simply mix with a small glass of water and drink, as you would your favorite beverage.

This effervescent liquid delivery and resultant faster absorption causes a rapid plasma surge of L-arginine in your body, delivering the exciting results you want in mere minutes.

Now, before you order your own supply, I'd like to say a word to the men who want to ignore this vitally important part of their lives, or who are too embarrassed to make an effort to improve their situation:

Your sex drive and performance will NOT magically improve if you do nothing!

You have to realize this truth: Aging, left to its own devices, only goes in one direction.

You can't just bury your head in the sand and think your situation's going to get any better.

But at the same time, it's also pointless to BLAME yourself for something that isn't your fault!

There is NO shame in taking charge of your sexual performance and wellbeing

I may be a physician, but I know what it's like to live with a man's ego. And I am here to tell you that you should be PROUD of taking charge of your sex life.

I don't care if your erections are as healthy as they've ever been, or if you've been impotent for years. There's always room for big improvement.

Using the latest developments of science and modern medicine to increase your sexual performance to levels you've never dreamed of is one of the best decisions you'll ever make.

You can have your own one month's supply of Dr. Bill's MegRx Formula for just $79.95.

But, if you choose the monthly continuity option, you'll receive FREE ENROLLMENT into my exclusive membership program, where you'll receive a discount on all your future bottles of Dr. Bill's MegRx. And so you don't go a day without these supercharged ingredients in your system - giving you rock hard erections, while simultaneously improving your health - you'll automatically receive a fresh supply every 30 days for the low member price of only $69.95. And you can cancel at any time.

Get started today, by clicking the big orange "Add To Cart" button, below. Your order will arrive in a discreet, plain box.

Wishing you the very best in MALE health & performance,

William Thomas Stillwell, M.D.

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5 Good Reasons To Buy

1. Your erection strength and power will improve within minutes of taking this formula.

2. You get to feel like a stud, while you enjoy the astonished look on your partner's face, upon experiencing your newfound performance and stamina.

3. Your own Growth Hormone levels will naturally rise, resulting in greater muscular strength, endurance, definition, and a younger appearance.

4. Your heart health, brain health, overall health and mood will all improve.

5. Even if you already have perfectly healthy erections, this formula will make them even BIGGER and HARDER than ever.

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