"Dr. Bill's Little Green Book for Eliminating Knee Pain"

A top knee specialist's secrets revealed for relieving pain and restoring function in a concise, but comprehensive volume providing options from across the treatment spectrum for fast relief of symptoms!

 Dear Friend,

Do your knees hurt? Do you feel agony when climbing stairs, getting out of a chair, or kneeling? Does the pain prevent you from running, jumping or even walking? Do your knees buckle or give way, threatening you with a fall? Or maybe they crunch, or swell with fluid. Or ache constantly, even at rest.

I know mine did.

Hi, and thank you for visiting my web site clinic. I'm Dr. Bill Stillwell. Let me tell you a little about myself and why I know that I can help you find the relief you seek.

The Hip & Knee Specialist

For over two decades, I was the orthopaedic Hip & Knee Specialist on Long Island, a master surgeon with a practice limited to medical & surgical problems of the hip and knee, as well as Chairman of the Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery and Physical Therapy at St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center, and Associate Professor of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.
Dr. Bill Stillwell
Dr. Bill Stillwell

A Fellow of multiple professional and scientific colleges and societies, I am a published author and illustrator of surgical textbooks and numerous scientific articles. I taught and lectured extensively to other orthopaedists, other physicians, nurses, residents and medical students, as well as physical therapists and the lay public.

My patients came from far and wide, other states and even other countries, for state-of-the-art orthopaedic care, with the warm and personal touch that was the hallmark of the practice.

But my real strength was educating my patients about their conditions in down-to-earth English, in layman's terms, so they fully understood exactly what was happening to them and why.

A Patient's Story...

A typical case was Terry, the wife of another hospital's Administrator, who came to me for knee surgery, after she had been to the Mayo Clinic.

She had a rare disease called pigmented villonodular synovitis, where the lining of the joint grows wild and eats its way into the bone of the knee, eventually destroying the joint. This is a case where nothing short of surgery will work.

Now, as the wife of a hospital administrator, she knew who was good locally, she had access to all the surgeons in her husband's hospital, and easy access to the nearby State University Hospital Staff, all the hospitals in New York City, and the Mayo Clinic.

But she chose me. Why?

She said she just felt more confidence in me, because no one explained things to her and her husband as well as I did.

I operated on her and she did even better than she had hoped: she was completely pain free and returned to all her normal activities. She remains a success, as well as a loyal friend, to this day.

Like Terry, all my patients enjoyed the best clinical results and the lowest complication rate in the region. I was the doctor for other doctors and nurses and their families.

In short, I was the best there is at what I did. No brag; just fact. Like Yogi Berra said, "it ain't braggin', if you can do it."

Then, suddenly, a serious injury cut my career short and robbed me of the ability to operate, many years before my time.

So I'm no longer an operating surgeon. But my mind, my experience and my specialized knowledge remain intact, and are now available at your fingertips, through my books, programs and courses, at only a fraction of what it would have cost you to see me in my office.

And in addition to my professional credentials and clinical experience, there's another reason why I know I can help relieve your pain.

I know, from both sides of the operating table, first hand, what it's like to live with knee pain. That's right.

I was not only an orthopaedic surgeon, but I was also a patient.

I relieved my own knee pain, as well as the pain of my patients, with the application of sound medical principles, acquired through many thousands of patient encounters. Through the magic of the internet, I can now offer my specialized knowledge and clinical experience to help many more thousands of knee pain sufferers, who I will never meet personally.

Fast Relief, with Insider Secrets

Whether you're a seasoned athlete, a weekend warrior, an aging Boomer, or just another average person with knee pain, this is your chance to get relief, FAST, with the insider secrets of a top orthopaedic specialist. And for a limited time, you can take advantage of a this introductory offer on my program to eliminate your knee pain - once and for all.

The cover of Dr. Bill's landmark book

This book will change your life!

There are lots of exercises, advice and treatments on the net --- some good, some bad, some ugly. Some actually do work.

But, let's face it: a lot of the methods promoted don't work or don't really fix the underlying problem. So, the pain returns, if it ever left, frustrating your enjoyment of life and preventing you from doing the things you want to do.

Why this book is unique

I reveal the insider secrets known only to surgeons: the different root causes of your pain and what methods work for each These methods are based on my personal experience of nearly a quarter century of specialty orthopaedic practice and the expertise gained in thousands of surgeries.

So these methods do work. Because each specific treatment recommendation is tailored to the individual's specific problem, not the "one-size-fits-all" approach so commonly seen on the web.

You will discover...

The functional anatomy of your knee

• Different kinds of pain and what they mean

Specific causes for pain

• Specific structures affected by injury and disease

Targeted treatments for eliminating pain

• How and why to modify your activities

Simple alternative treatments that work and why

• What to do when all else fails

When surgery is the answer

• What kinds of surgery are available

What questions to ask your doctor

• How to avoid surgery

• And much, much more....

This book will eliminate your pain - once and for all. Get back to enjoying your life and doing the things you love.

This book is different

There are lots of docs on the net, most of them into more naturopathic and wellness methods for health and fitness. I have nothing against them or their methods. In fact, I use a lot of them myself to this day, have used them since the early 1970's, and I recommended them to my patients.

But unlike most of the alternative docs, N.D.'s, "chiropractic physicians," and the like, I have real, established, bona fide, first rank academic credentials, top flight mainstream scientific, medical and surgical education and training, a wealth of actual clinical and surgical experience...and the unusual perspective of a professional artist and illustrator.

I was the only surgeon I know of who actually used intravenous and oral megadose vitamin therapy, supplements, optimal nutrition, aggressive rehabilitation exercises and even magnetic therapy in the pre and post surgical treatment of my patients.

Most of my colleagues snickered at me, claiming I was only producing "expensive urine." But I had the lowest documented complication & acute infection rates, the highest success rates and shortest lengths of hospital stay of any surgeon in the Department. And my critics couldn't explain that. Or match my results.

Alternative Methods to Avoid Surgery

So yes, I believe that there's definitely a place for alternative, non-surgical cures. They often work well instead of, or as a complement to, mainstream treatments. And the very best surgeons are the ones who avoid surgery unless it's absolutely necessary.

But some alternative gurus think that surgery is almost never warranted and must be avoided at all costs. This rigid view is counter-productive, if not downright harmful, and just plain dumb.

Why? Because no surgery should be done casually, but if the cause of your pain is mechanical, you need a mechanical solution. Nothing else will correct the problem. If you have a flat tire, do you wash the car and expect it to run OK? No. You change the tire, right?

Mechanical Problem --- Mechanical Solution

What do I mean by a mechanical problem? A physical, as opposed to a biochemical problem. One caused by a physical break of the normal structures in the joint, like when bones are broken, or tissues in the joint are torn, catching between the moving surfaces, or when friction is caused by worn cartilage exposing raw bone surfaces. Because cartilage can't heal once broken, such damage is permanent.

So knee surgery is only warranted when there is irreparable damage.

People who reportedly got better by using naturopathic measures when surgery was recommended, in fact did not "cure" their problem with these methods. They just never needed the surgery to start with.

Yes, there are times when holistic, conservative methods are beneficial. If they work for you, that's great. But sometimes they just don't. And those may be the times when you really do need surgery

Use Whatever Works

One of the most important things this book will teach you is how to tell the difference between the surgical and the nonsurgical knee. And it will teach you what to do to avoid surgery, if that's possible

These are the very same methods I used in my orthopaedic practice. Using every method from mainstream medicine, to simple home remedies, to alternative measures, this book will eliminate your pain - once and for all!

So, if you're tired of living with painful knees, order my LITTLE GREEN BOOK NOW. You have nothing to lose but your pain....

Yours for a pain-free tomorrow,

Dr. Bill Signature

William Thomas Stillwell, M.D.

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