"Amazing Healing Oil From New Zealand Reduces Arthritis Pain 67%... And Rejuvenates Arthritic Joints From The Inside, Out!"

Discover the marvelous properties of this rare healing oil (hint: you do NOT rub it on your skin) and the facts about eliminating arthritis pain.

Dear Friend,

Arthritis doesn't kill, but it cripples...

Not just the function of your hands, fingers, knees and all your other joints, but your ENTIRE LIFE...

...Because trying to do all the things you once enjoyed... just isn't worth the terrible suffering you have to endure.

It could be writing, typing, driving, golfing, exercising... even just walking around on your own.

Arthritis slowly transforms your once happy life into
a pit of endless agony & suffering

Just moving your fingers can be sheer torture: feeling like tiny bits of gritty sand are grinding away at their joints, with every motion. And just as bad is the dread you feel... knowing that any movement you make could potentially hurt like an electric shock drilling into you.

Arthritis can feel like the bones of your joints are grinding against each other...and eventually...they do!

My name is Dr. Bill Stillwell and I'm an orthopaedic surgeon... with arthritis, myself. So I KNOW, from BOTH sides of the operating table, EXACTLY what you're feeling! Because I feel it, too!

And I know exactly what you want: sweet, blessed pain relief!

Now, there are a lot of myths, misconceptions and bad information about arthritis out there, so let me start by going over a few facts:

Fact #1

Exercise does NOT cure arthritis pain.

This may seem surprising, but it's true. Strength training and aerobic exercise will only make your arthritis pain worse.

Just recently, I spoke with a man, younger than me, who wanted to start a healthy exercise program, to get his body back in shape, but couldn't, because of his severe arthritis pain. He was frustrated and depressed... and STILL in pain!

It's a horrible downward spiral: You can't exercise, because of the terrible joint pain... and zero exercise means even more weakness and much more pain.

Fact #2

Smelly creams and lotions CANNOT cure arthritis pain.

Always remember that all a cream can do is penetrate the uppermost layers of your skin. It can act as a counter-irritant, to mask or blunt discomfort for a very limited period of time. But it CANNOT enter the cartilage inside your joints, where all the damage is.

Fact #3

Arthritis pain CAN be alleviated and joints rejuvenated and preserved through natural supplementation with certain key nutrients.

Seven Key Nutrients to Rejuvenate Joints

1. Glucosamine helps maintain the strength and youthfulness of your cartilage (wear and tear, with fragmentation and erosion of your cartilage, is where all the pain and suffering from arthritis begins). Studies show glucosamine might even improve circulation of blood vessels leading to joints and stimulate the growth of NEW cartilage!

2. Chondroitin soaks water back into your cartilage, like a sponge, literally plumping it up and making it "springy" and elastic again. This water retention is exactly what keeps your joints young and healthy.

3. MSM -- also known as methylsulfonylmethane -- is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, which (unlike other popular anti-inflammatory drugs) has virtually NO adverse side effects. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study on men and women with knee pain, MSM was found to significantly reduce pain and increase mobility.

4. Hyaluronic acid helps restore "cushioning" and lubrication to arthritic joints. Doctors can actually inject hyaluronic acid into arthritic knees to temporarily relieve pain and restore function. However, you can also take it by mouth, every day, naturally -- no needles required.

5 & 6. Vitamin C and Manganese are essential nutrients for the creation of new collagen (the main structural protein found in both cartilage and bone). Vitamin C has its own antioxidant properties and Manganese, together with glucosamine and chondroitin, can also have anti-inflammatory effects.

And the Seventh and final Key Nutrient -- the Amazing Healing Oil from New Zealand:

Green Lipped Mussel Extract

Found in green-lipped mussels, only in the pristine waters off New Zealand, this rare healing oil has been scientifically proven to reduce joint swelling, reduce symptoms of joint deterioration, and relieve joint pain (men and women reported a 67% reduction in joint pain).

Green lipped mussel extract contains eicosatetraenoic acid, which has potent anti-inflammatory properties, and glycosaminoglycans -- the main component of cartilage and synovial fluid.

Now, here's the really good news:

I have assembled ALL of these joint-healthy nutrients...including rare green lipped mussel extract...into one simple capsule that you can take to strengthen your joints and help alleviate nagging arthritis pain.

This new, pharmaceutical-grade preparation is...

Dr. Bill's Joint Health Compound

And, because I have combined ALL these nutrients together, this marvelous compound...

Acts as a natural lubricant, reduces inflammation, rejuvenates and restores the health of your cartilage...and relieves your arthritis pain from the INSIDE, OUT!

Here's something that might surprise you: you're NOT going to believe just how much this compound will help you (until it proves itself).

Why not?

Because living with arthritis can be like having a broken bone. You get so used to the inconvenience of reduced mobility, taking care of your injured body... that when you finally heal and function fully again, you're shocked to remember how easy life used to be... and CAN be again.

It's the same when you begin rejuvenating your aching, swollen joints.

Sometimes that old gnawing joint pain can become so constant, your function so poor, your lifestyle so limited, that you forget how easy and wonderful things used to be.... And now, you can have it back, again. Maybe get ALL of it back. And it all starts with one simple capsule.

Why not get started today?

It's easy to do. With Dr. Bill's Joint Health Compound you can simply take the capsules, as directed, and let the nutrients go to work for you, increasing the health of your joints until one day...

You wake up and get out of bed...

...Or you pick something up with your hands...

Or bend down to retrieve something you dropped....

And suddenly, you realize you FORGOT to stop yourself and you brace for the pain... that never comes. Because there isn't any! The pain is gone!

Not because you masked it... with prescription pain medications, or creams, or injections... but because you've rejuvenated your joints from the inside, out.

How do I KNOW that this is how you'll feel? Because...

It's what I use, personally, for joint pain relief!

For patients with joint pain, Tapentadol appears to hold promise as a safe, effective therapeutic option. Years ago, when I injured my back in a life-altering fall, I also injured my ankle and knee. Over the years, as I've aged, I have developed arthritis in my left knee, both feet and both hands.

I've confirmed my clinical impressions with x-rays that show the signs of moderate osteoarthritis in all those areas. So I know, intimately, exactly what you're feeling.

The morning stiffness, the sudden burning pain in the base of my thumbs, that dull ache in the inner compartment of my left knee that's worse when it rains, the aching pain, swelling and limitation of flexion I experience, if I do too much....

Yes, I know ALL about it. And I don't like it any better than you do.

But I DID something about it. I began taking THIS SAME AMAZING COMPOUND. And it's made a world of difference! Many days, I forget that I actually have arthritis. One capsule, twice a day, is all it takes.

And if it's worked for me, IT WILL WORK FOR YOU, TOO!

What is it worth to stop the pain?

It's impossible to answer that question, because living pain-free is truly priceless, but I'm asking you anyway.

The most effective bi-weekly biologic injection treatments for arthritis (which do NOT provide permanent relief) can cost between $12,800 and $30,287 per year.

On average, you would have to pay $1,795.29 every month, to get stuck with needles, with no guarantee of success.

But you don't have to pay that much. Nor should you.

You can have your own monthly supply of Dr. Bill's Joint Health Compound for only $79.95.

And if you are one of the first 50 people to order, you'll receive FREE ENROLLMENT into my exclusive membership program, where you'll receive a $10 discount on your first bottle and on all future bottles of Dr. Bill's Joint Health Compound.

To ensure that you won't go a day without the pharmaceutical-grade, pain-relieving nutrients (including the rare healing oil from New Zealand), rejuvenating and restoring your joint health, you will automatically receive a fresh bottle every 30 days for the low member price of only $69.95. And you can cancel at any time.

So don't continue to suffer agonizing joint pain, needlessly. Just click the link. And start rejuvenating YOUR aching joints, NOW.

Try it and FEEL the difference. Your arthritic joints will thank you.

Yours for a pain-free tomorrow,

William Thomas Stillwell, M.D.

P.S. Seven days from now, you could be supplying your body with all the vital nutrients it needs to rejuvenate your joints and relieve your arthritis pain... or, your joint pain could just be getting worse. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

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