You may not get a SECOND CHANCE to read this message!

"My father died of a heart attack at age 53 and I was following in his genetic footsteps - until I cracked the code to Heart Health"

No laughing matter: In 50% of all acute heart attacks, the first symptom is... DEATH!

And, if a heart attack doesn't kill you outright, it may cripple you so badly you'll wish you were dead.

BUT NOW... a Doctor-designed Plan Eliminates the Root Causes of Heart Disease, Safer Than Surgery or Medication...And Without All the Risks

Dear Friend,

I'm Dr. Bill Stillwell, former candidate for a deadly heart attack even though I'm a physician, orthopaedic surgeon, educator, author, health coach.

So believe me when I say that the next few minutes you spend reading my story, may literally save your life. Why? Because you're about to discover how you can avoid sudden death from the most common form of heart disease, the number one killer on the planet.

Let me explain...

As a doctor, I spent decades being overstressed, overweight and out of shape, a condition that only worsened when I broke my back in a horrible accident, in May of 2001.

After that injury, I became so physically unfit and overweight that I was at serious risk for a heart attack, or stroke.

Like many medical doctors, I knew what to do, but just didn't do it. You know that old saying, "Physician, heal thyself?" Well, that was me, in spades: I was like a walking cliché.
myocardial infarction Representation of a myocardial infarction (M.I.), a heart attack.

I could just "feel" that something bad was heading my way.

I needed to take charge of the situation - AND FAST!

And, I had a very personal - and scary - reason to make some real changes to improve my own heart health, before it was too late.

I'm referring to a REAL EYE-OPENER, involving my personal genetic code, that I discovered through a "heartbreaking" twist of fate.

Now, I don't usually talk about it, but since you might be in the very same "high risk" situation and not even know it, I'll make an exception, to help you out.

The First Sign Of Heart Disease Is Often...

I was a young resident in General Surgery at the Medical College of Virginia Hospital, in Richmond, Virginia, at the time. I had just finished an exhausting several days on call and I was hoping for just one day of some much needed R & R.

Then, out of the blue, I got a phone call that changed my life, forever.

My wife told me later that the blood suddenly drained from my face and turned bleach white, as I listened to my mother's strained voice, on the other end of the line.

As she fought back the tears, she took a deep breath...paused...and then broke the news to me.

She said, through sobs, "Billy...Daddy's dead."

It was like a punch in the gut. The room started to spin. And it seemed as though everything was taking place in slow motion. I just felt numb.

It was so unexpected, so surreal. At first, I just couldn't believe it.

I was in total shock!

After all, my dad was a tough-as-nails Submariner, who valiantly served our country during World War II. He was a real meat 'n potatoes kind of guy, who could easily run circles around kids half his age. And he was a very young man, himself, at the time.

I still can't believe he died at the youthful age of just 53.

So how could this possibly happen?

Well, according to my mother, Dad was out swimming that day, at the beach, trying to keep up with a bunch of 19 year olds. When he came out of the water, he looked exhausted, walked slowly over to Mom and said, "I can't seem to catch my breath."

Then, his eyes suddenly rolled back. The lights went out and down he went, collapsing in a heap. And Dad was... gone. Like switching off a light, just like that.

The technical term is ventricular fibrillation. The heart muscle fibers suddenly begin firing randomly and without any organization. As a result, the heart ceases to beat rhythmically, instead writhing like a bag of worms. Blood flow stops. And if a beating rhythm is not rapidly restored...you're DEAD. Just like my Dad.

He didn't even live long enough to have a bona fide "heart attack," when part of the heart muscle actually dies. He had what cardiologists call "an electrical death," a completely disorganized electrical conducting system in the heart, which causes that lethal arrhythmia that suddenly STOPS ALL BLOOD FLOW. The only solace we could take was that we know he never felt any pain. It was much too fast for that.

Yet, just a week before that terrible incident, Dad had a "normal" EKG, during his annual physical at the doctor's.

The coroner's autopsy showed that he had a single lethal blockage at the base of the left anterior descending coronary artery (the LAD), which caused the deadly arrhythmia. This blockage was the legacy of his genetics (and MINE), plus many years of heavy smoking.

It's sometimes called, "THE WIDOW MAKER."

coronary angiogram Coronary angiogram shows a blockage of left anterior descending artery (Arrow) in the right hand photo. Compare this with normal blood flow in the same artery on your left. This is what causes a heart attack, when heart tissue beyond the blockage dies.

It was a sobering finding and a frightening glimpse into the future for me, unless I did something about it.

Dad's story is not unique. It goes to show that there are many, many people walking around today, with no clue that they may have a "time bomb" ticking inside them. Tic...toc...tic...toc...

And, if you're one of these people, you never know when that bomb is going to explode. KABOOOM!


Did you know that heart disease is the NUMBER ONE KILLER of men and women around the globe?

That's right, in the United States alone, more than half-a-million people a year die of heart disease and its related complications.

Are you at risk?

Well, take a look at some of these statistics and then, you be the judge:
1/2 of all men will suffer from some form of heart disease in their lifetimes.

1/3 of all deaths in men over the age of 35 occur because of coronary artery disease (usually by heart attack).

1/3 of all women will develop some form of heart disease during their lives.

Heart disease kills 5 times more women than breast cancer.

Heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of death in people with diabetes. (More than 25.8 million people in the U.S. have diabetes mellitus, or "sugar diabetes." Millions more are pre-diabetic. Diabetics are TWICE as likely to develop heart disease...and at a much earlier age than others)

Every year, about 785,000 Americans have a first heart attack. Another 470,000, who have already had one or more heart attacks, have another.
These facts are SHOCKING!

They explain why heart disease IS the leading killer on the entire planet AND why...

YOU are at risk!

But I assure you, for most people, this lethal disease is often preventable...and may even be reversible.

That's right - you have the power to radically reduce your chances of dying a premature death, due to an unhealthy "ticker."

In fact, I can show you how to eliminate virtually every modifiable risk factor of heart disease - WHILE DRAMATICALLY STRENGTHENING YOUR HEART MUSCLE - and substantially increasing your potential longevity.

And it's all based upon the latest scientific research.

Ready to hear more? GREAT!

Because it's time to beat heart disease... before it beats you!


In This Program, you'll discover...

How To Prevent "Sudden Death" Heart Attacks And Strokes

How to STOP (or even REVERSE) Coronary Artery Disease

Little-Known Risk Factors That Are Slowly And Steadily Beating The Life Out Of Your "Ticker"

How to Dramatically Reduce High Blood Pressure

How to Effortlessly Melt Away the Excess Fat That's Straining Your Heart (You won't even feel you're on a "diet")

How to Reduce Your Risk of a FATAL Blood Clot

How to Reduce or Eliminate Painful Inflammation - NATURALLY

Add Years To Your Life...And Life To Your Years!
Most of the time there are:
• NO warning signs

• NO advance notices

• NO time to react.
It just happens...and probably when you least expect it. So, have you ever wondered...

"Could my name be next on the "Bum-Ticker Hit List?"

Let's hope not.

But, just like me, many people don't even realize that they might be genetically predisposed to heart disease.

In my case, I simply had no idea that "the killer of all killers" had been growing on my family tree and had more than doubled my own risk for a heart attack, or stroke. Truth is, I didn't "wake up" to this reality, until I was hit with the tragic loss of my Dad.

So if you're in this category, too, then please understand that your chances of falling victim to heart disease are greatly increased and you need to do something about it NOW.

You must NOT take this lightly!

Regardless of your family's history of heart disease, the best thing you can possibly do for your own peace of mind, health and longevity is to start reducing your own risk factors A.S.A.P.

And, I'm going to show you exactly how this is done.

But first, there are a few key points I must mention, just as if you were one of my own cherished patients, visiting with me, face-to-face in my office.

The Big, Heart-Healthy, Fat Loss Breakthrough I Discovered... That Will Work For YOU, Too

The first thing I want you to realize is that your heart is a very hard working organ that never rests.

It never asks for a vacation, never misses work, never even sleeps. In fact, it serves you around the clock, year-round, for a lifetime, while beating approximately 100,000 times a day!

This is one "worker" you definitely want to take VERY good care of...

Now, one of the main ways you can keep it "on the job," effortlessly and far into the future, is by adopting the simple-to-follow diet that I reveal in Dr. Bill's Heart Health Program.

You see, I discovered some basic, fundamental principles of dieting for heart-health that, when applied consistently, virtually guarantee rapid and persistent fat loss, along with a substantially decreased risk of heart disease, for anyone.

In fact, using this diet, I lost about 60 pounds - despite my broken back, which I mentioned earlier, and at over age 60! And even more amazingly, I've kept that weight off to this very day. And my heart-health has significantly improved, at the same time, as proven by multiple nuclear stress tests and lab tests.

I did all this by using the proven, effective principles revealed in Dr. Bill's Heart Health Program, using regular food from the grocery store, without any long, exhausting workouts, without a gym membership, special equipment, or a personal trainer, without special pre-prepared foods and without any starvation, whatsoever.

And if you decide to "come fly with me," then you can do it, too!

Works Like "Magic," Because It's Real Science

Once I discovered how to tap into these scientific fat loss principles, which also resulted in a much healthier cardiovascular system, it was easy and just became a part of my daily life.

The fat literally melted away and my heart didn't have nearly as much stress on it anymore.

A few other BIG BENEFITS I received from my "heart-healthy miracle diet discovery," include:

Virtually ALL of my modifiable heart disease risk factors had been reduced or eliminated.

My "bad cholesterol" levels fell through the floor!

My "good" cholesterol zoomed higher, simultaneously!

I slept better.

I had tons more energy.

I was clearly and visibly more physically fit.
I felt and looked better and younger than I had in years.

Yet, I was never starving. I ate when I was hungry. I felt satisfied all the time and never deprived. And I never felt like I was "on a diet."

So, if your goal is to improve your heart-health, then you must get yourself on the incredible diet I discuss in the all-new Dr. Bill's Heart Health Program, TODAY!

Your Heart Is NOT A Yo-Yo!

As a physician, I can tell you that the average person has no idea what kinds of foods should be eaten on a daily basis, or the correct portions and frequencies, for maintaining a healthy heart...or, they simply don't care.

They're clueless, careless, or both. One way, or the other, they're slowly ruining their hearts, as a result.

Similarly, I often encounter a totally different type of "clueless."

I can't tell you how many times I've run across well-intentioned, health-conscious people, who have put themselves on a "heart healthy diet," only to still be eating all the wrong foods...and without even realizing it.

So their efforts to "eat right" are actually working against the very "heart health" they're trying to create.

But it gets worse...

Other dieters routinely starve themselves, because they're so desperate to melt away the excess lard. Or, they harm their hearts with ridiculous fad diets that almost never work, long-term.

In fact, all these so-called "diets" usually result in what's called the "Yo-yo Effect."

This is when a person is initially successful in FILLETING SOME FLAB with their latest diet. But, after only a short while, they pack those lost pounds right back on. Often, they gain back more than they lost, which further taxes the heart. So they start the diet again. Or, they try a different "diet" and the process repeats itself, over and over and over....

Sound familiar?

Hence...the "Yo-yo Effect," otherwise knows as "weight cycling."

Now let me tell you...this is one of the worst things you can possibly do to your heart. The stress on your "ticker" is tremendous and it's literally enough to kill you.

So be very careful!


But the good news is that I've discovered a healthier, safer, more effective way to lose weight, keep it off for good and actually reverse much of the cumulative damage that could be leading to your own sneaky... and deadly... case of heart disease - all at the same time.

Oh, yeah! There's a much, much better way. And it will be yours, just as soon as you "show some heart" and order yourself a copy of Dr. Bill's Heart Health Program.

A Healthy Heart Means A Happier, More Energetic And Longer Life

In just a few minutes a day - my new Heart Health Program will begin to reverse years of abuse, open up your coronary arteries and give you the functional heart-strength of someone 10 or 20 years younger.

And once your blood starts flowing the way it should again, you'll recapture the energy and vigor you had years ago.

With a healthier heart, you can be more active. You'll tingle with renewed vitality, as more freshly oxygenated blood courses throughout your body. Your breathing will be deeper and your lung capacity will increase.

You'll feel more confident, optimistic and ALIVE than you have in years. And you'll virtually crackle with more vibrant energy, so that you can thoroughly enjoy the full, rich quality of life you deserve.

coronary angiogram Coronary angiogram showing normal blood flow throughout a healthy, vibrant heart.

Stops Heart Disease In Its Tracks!

The fact is that if you're not paying attention to your health, then you're significantly increasing your chances for getting heart disease.

I already told you about what happened to my dad at age 53. You don't want that to happen to you, right?

When you apply the tips, tactics and strategies found in my new Heart Health Program, you will substantially reduce your risk of heart attack, coronary artery disease, ischemia, angina, congestive heart failure, arteriosclerosis, and many other life threatening cardiovascular conditions.

Plus, you'll begin to get rid of chronic aches and pains - AND- you'll live a healthier, happier and longer life than you ever thought possible.

Dr. Bill's Heart Health Program gives you a simple, effective and proven plan that strengthens your heart and literally reverses a wide variety of cardiovascular diseases that can be fatal, if left untreated.

Using my doctor designed, medically sound, scientifically based principles of heart health, you, too, can discover...
The simplest and most effect ways to ELIMINATE INFLAMMATION from your body, to DECREASE PAIN and maintain healthy heart function

How to REDUCE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE and prevent deadly arthrosclerosis and/or kidney failure

"A Heart-Healthy Diet" that anyone can follow, WITHOUT being hungry, or feeling deprived

How to SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE YOUR CHANCES of getting DIABETES, which is one of the leading causes of heart disease

How to avoid potentially FATAL BLOOD CLOTS

How to flush dangerous plaque from your arteries and perhaps even REVERSE CORONARY HEART DISEASE

Simple physical exercises for a healthy heart (Requires just a few minutes a day!)

THE TRUTH about cholesterol's role in heart health (explained in layman's terms)

Simple Lifestyle Changes that anyone can make for a healthier heart

"Unhealthy Habits" that kill your heart and skyrocket your chances for an early death, which you MUST avoid

THE MOST EFFECTIVE SUPPLEMENTS for protecting your heart (Don't be fooled by cheap imitations)

The "Miracle Diet" I used to drop 60 pounds - PERMANENTLY!

How to PREVENT SUDDEN "INSULIN SPIKES" that negatively impact heart function and sap your energyHow to stimulate the hormone that kills your appetite and promotes weight loss for a healthier heart

The 3 most important fluids that you should be drinking for weight loss and heart health

Secrets of buying "HEART-HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS" - (Make sure you're not doing yourself more harm than good)

The #1 way to lower your triglyceride levels

How to INCREASE YOUR CARDIOPULMONARY RESERVE (and increase your chances of surviving a sudden cardiac event)

The "trick" for raising good cholesterol and lowering bad cholesterol, simultaneously


The one, over the counter, anti-inflammatory agent you MUST take every day, if you want MAXIMUM HEART HEALTH

A delicious cooking-oil that's loaded with heart-healthy properties

Common foods that cause nerve irritation, inflammation and high blood pressure (learn how to offset the damage, the next time you stray from your diet)

Vital information you need to know about your HEART RATE, when exercising for weight loss, or heart health

Can your emotional state result in an enlarged heart? The answer will stun you!

Tips for lowering your "Resting Heart Rate" and IMPROVING BLOOD CIRCULATION

How to slow or stop the symptoms of "Congenital Heart Disease" (and learn to play the hand you've been dealt)

Get improved physical endurance during cardiovascular exercises, such as walking, jogging, biking, swimming, etc.

How to eliminate the symptoms of high blood pressure, including headache, dizziness, nosebleeds and/or extreme tiredness

Improve your mood and eliminate depression

And much, much more...

It's A Program So Simple, You Won't Even Think About Quitting

Despite everything my new Heart Health Program does to ensure your health, happiness and longevity, it's a very easy program to follow.

All you need to do is make a handful of simple lifestyle changes, which I cover in detail throughout the program.

Then, combine these changes with a few minutes of daily exercise, as taught in the program by Matt Furey, one of the nation's leading gurus and foremost experts on health and fitness.

Matt is literally a "Master," when it comes to showing you how to do simple, yet highly effective exercises that are guaranteed to strengthen your heart, as well as your overall body and mind.

Furthermore, the exercises he created for my new Heart Health Program do not require expensive health club memberships, fancy fitness gadgets, or personal trainers. Just follow along on the DVD.

Everything Matt teaches you can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home, by yourself, at your own pace and with only a small amount of floor space.

And that's why I went to such great lengths (and expense) to convince Matt to tackle the workout portion of this program. I wanted you to have the "best of the best."

It's really as simple as that.

And, believe me, it's well worth it to take what Matt and I teach in my new Heart Health Program very seriously. After all, you do want to see your kids grow up, right?

If you're willing to follow my advice, you will have taken the first and most important step to...

A Healthier Heart and a Longer Life - GUARANTEED!

Now, you're probably thinking, "Wow, this is great! But what will this set me back?"

Well, when you consider the many long years of medical school and my grueling postgraduate training, as well as my decades of clinical (and personal) experience, that all went into creating this program, it would easily be worth many thousands of dollars.

Add to that the value of my extensive personal research, that informs every part of this heart healing program, then the true value becomes staggering. I would be completely justified in charging $1,000 for this program and at that, it would be a bargain. After all...

What's Your HEART Worth To You?

But fear not! You won't have to pay $1,000 for my program. Not even $500. Nor even $200. No....

Because I want this life saving, heart-health healing program in as many hands as possible, if you order NOW, you can get this life-saving double DVD program for only $97.97!

That's right! You can start following Dr. Bill's Heart Health Program, right away, for the ridiculously low, introductory amount of only $97.97! plus S & H! But only if you're one of the first 200 people to order. After that introduction, the price will go up... considerably. Think of it. That's only a small fraction of what it would have cost you for an initial office visit with me, to simply discuss your aching knee. And here, you get a proven, effective system for complete cardiovascular health that holds the power to change your life in a big way, maybe even save your life, or the lives of your loved ones.

Here's what you'll receive:

1. Dr. Bill's Heart Health Program DVD

A practical, proven guide to a healthy heart - BACKED BY MODERN SCIENCE - and presented in easy-to-understand, layman's terms.

The moment you receive this DVD, you'll want to pop it in your player, watch it and then, watch it over and over again. Why? Because you'll get more and more out of it, each and every time you see it. It's worth its weight in GOLD and it could literally save your life, or the lives of your family and friends.

You'll watch and learn as Matt Furey, one of the nation's leading authorities on health and fitness, interviews me, doing his very best to distill my decades of knowledge, research and experience and wring out of me every drop of valuable "Heart Helping" information.

Together, we left no stone unturned to give you every last bit of life altering, essential information, to get your heart thumping heartily and your blood flow racing, just the way it should.

2. Heart Health Workout DVD

Train right along with Matt Furey, Zen Master of Health and Fitness®, as he shows you the best ways to strengthen your heart, increase your cardiopulmonary reserve, reduce the risks of heart attack (and stroke), cardiac arrhythmias, congestive failure and high blood pressure, with a simple series of exercises that you can do in your own home.

No special equipment needed. No need for a gym membership. No personal trainers. It's all here, at your finger tips, for use whenever you need it. This DVD alone is worth the total investment in this program!

Special Bonus Reports

As if the double DVD's, packed with life-saving information, were not enough, if you order right now, I will throw in-- FREE -- three big bonus special reports. Here's what you will get, if you order now:

1. Dr. Bill's Life-Saving Lab List

These are the recommended lab tests and heart health specific tests that you should request from your own doctor, at least yearly, and sometimes MORE. These are the same tests I get MYSELF, from once, to several times a year, to manage my own cardiac status and reduce my own risk for heart disease.

That's right-my own PERSONAL test regimen, to keep you in the best possible shape, to avoid disease, monitor your own cardiac status and provide early warning of any potential problems.

This is easily worth over $100, all by itself.

2. Dr. Bill's Personal Program of Recommended Nutritional Supplements

This is my personal list of recommended advanced, super effective vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutritional supplements, what they do for you and why, with recommended dosage ranges and how and when to take them for optimal effect, to keep your heart in tip-top shape.

All this information, in one place for easy reference! This, too, is worth over $100. That's what you'd pay, if you were in my office for a personal consultation, to get the same information and advice you get here, for FREE.

3. Dr. Bill's Heart Healthy Daily Diet Tips

These are the core principles of my recommended heart healthy diet program-the rationale, the day-to-day diet tips and the key elements of what to eat and when, for easy reference. For your optimal heart health and for the rest of you, too, you ARE what you eat.

This makes it EASY to follow the program, wherever you are. For the convenience alone, this is worth at least $29.95.

And just to show you that my heart's in the right place, and to give you yet another reason to SAVE YOUR OWN LIFE, here's an EXTRA FREE BONUS, if you order RIGHT NOW:

Dr. Bill's Special Report on The Best Way to Shield your Heart-another $100 + Value!

This special report is the last word on the best exercise methods available to slash your risk of sudden death and heart attack, reduce (or reverse) arterial plaque of atherosclerosis and heart disease, increase lung capacity, increase cardiac reserve and, in addition, melt body fat at "maximum burn." It shows you what exercises are best, how to do them for maximal effect and WHY they work so well. Wow! It's never been so easy and it's all laid out for you, right here. And it's exactly what I use myself.

FINALLY, you can get your hands on my simple, effective and proven heart health system to:
Reverse all major modifiable heart disease risk factors

Slash your risk of heart attacks, TIAs (mini-strokes), or full blown strokes

Drop unwanted pounds FAST... and keep 'em off, for good

Get physically fit and blast your energy through the roof

Add years to your life (and life to your years)
Look, the combined value of all the FREE BONUS GIFTS being offered to you comes to over $300! And they can ALL be yours when you take action, right now.

Be one of the first 25 people to order Dr. Bill's Heart Health Program and your valuable free gifts will be sent to you the very same day.

Just click any of the I WANT IT NOW! order buttons above and place your order NOW!

Or, you can PHONE your order to: 813-650-8252, or FAX it to: 813-650-8220. We'll do the rest.

But whatever method you choose, don't let another minute go by. This is your HEART we're talking about. You've only got ONE. And your life depends on it.

Tomorrow may be too late.

Do it NOW, while you're thinking about it, and get started on the road to optimal heart health TODAY.

With my best wishes for optimal heart health & longevity,

"The Wellness Warrior"™

P.S. Remember, order NOW and get FOUR FREE BONUSES, worth over $300, as my gift to you.

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