The Doctor's Personal Plan To Get Fat-Free Fast!

How I Lost 60 Pounds of Fat, After Age 60 - With a Broken Back - and Kept It Off!

Dr. Bill Before   Dr. Bill After
Dr. Bill before (left) - porky, blubbery and old; and after (right) - lean, healthy and young.

A simple, easy to follow, doctor designed, step-by-step program to melt off body fat, prevent heart disease and stroke, boost immunity and super-charge your sex life and energy levels

Dear Friend,

Hi. I'm Dr. Bill Stillwell, orthopaedic surgeon, educator, author... and former fat guy. I spent decades being overweight, a condition that only worsened when I broke my back in a horrible accident. After that injury, I became so fat, I was at serious risk for a heart attack, or stroke. To make matters worse, my wife, who was very heavy herself, was a diabetic, with high blood pressure, so she was at even greater risk than I.

Like many medical doctors, I knew what to do, but just didn't do it. You know that old saying, "Physician, heal thyself?" Well, that was me, in spades: I was like a walking cliché.

But then, I found a way to shed our unwanted body fat, regain our health and actually grow "younger," like never before. I lost 60 pounds of excess fat, at over age 60, even with a broken back, within six months...and I've kept the weight off to this very day.

Let me tell you what happened to me. I think you can relate to my story.

Your life can change in an instant!

Believe me, I KNOW. It was on a Friday in May of 2001, about 5PM.

I was at the peak of my career as an orthopaedic surgeon, highly successful and constantly busy, but also under tremendous pressure, all the time. But-just like that-my life was changed forever!

That was when I crashed through a ten foot ceiling to fall onto a solid oak floor, right on my butt, breaking my back, by crushing multiple bones and discs in the middle of my spine. Bad as that was, it could have been much worse: I could easily have been killed, or paralyzed.

Don't get me wrong. I'm very grateful it wasn't worse. But...

As it was, I lost a lot in that one fall: an inch and a half of height, lacerated hands and wrist, badly bruised arms, a severely sprained ankle, damaged knees and constant positional back pain that eventually resulted in my inability to operate and finally spelled the end of a stellar surgical career, at its zenith.

Oh sure, I struggled to continue working. I had wanted to be a surgeon my whole life, since the age of seven. I had studied and trained for years and was recognized as the regional expert in my field.

Dr. Billl Stillwell

But finally, after trying for 15 months, the progressive pain was so bad, so distracting during surgery, that I felt I was putting my patients at risk. I couldn't continue, knowing that. Finally, I had to resign, before someone got hurt.

I was crushed. Emotionally, not just physically. I had sacrificed everything and worked my whole life to be a doctor, a surgeon, and now... it was over. Just like that.

And so, I became fatter than I had ever been, due to the forced inactivity and emotional depression. Little by little, I gradually ballooned up to 60 pounds heavier than my current weight!

Why I got fat-the real reason that people are getting fatter and fatter

It didn't happen all at once. It never does. But when you don't smoke, you don't drink and you don't fool around on your wife, it doesn't leave much, but eating. And food was my narcotic.

I ate when I was sad. I ate when I was glad. I ate for something to do, when I was bored, and I ate in celebration, or just for comfort. I ate, regardless of the mood, or moment. And I enjoyed it.

Lets face it, eating is one of the most gratifying sensual pleasures and it is purely passive. You don't have to work at it. Just sit back and enjoy it. So I did. And all this was with progressively less physical activity, caused by my injuries.

So I was eating too much and exercising too little. The result was predictable. It's the same for you as it was for me. It's the same for everyone.

Are You Living In "The Target Zone?"

I was well aware of the health risks I was running-heart attack, stroke, cancer, and a host of other illnesses. I was literally living in the middle age "target zone." As a physician, I knew better. Of course I did.

But here's something you may not realize: physicians are just like you, with all the same mental and emotional blocks, weaknesses and foibles, despite the fact that they know better. Why? Because when we aren't wearing our "doctor's hat," we're human, just like you.

So I kept promising myself to go on a diet...tomorrow. And tomorrow never came.

But then, something happened....

What turned me around and will turn you around, too

My wife was diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes around 1994 or 1995. And she has had her own weight issues. She was typical of what doctors call "metabolic syndrome:" diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. That made her a very high risk for heart disease. When she began having chest pain with exertion, it scared us both.

She's been the love of my life. I was determined to help her. No more fooling around. This was IT. I simply had to find a way to help her and help myself, as well.

I realized that her success would be much more likely, if we were both on the same program, together. So I spent the next six months shopping for groceries, cooking for her, exercising with her. I ate what she ate. I exercised with her. What I wouldn't do for myself, I did with her and for her.

I researched all the diet programs of the past and present. I examined the benefits of each and what each one was lacking. My criteria were simple: I wanted what worked, predictably and consistently. And my research paid off-big time!

The big fat loss breakthrough I discovered that will work for you, too

I discovered some basic, fundamental principles of diet and exercise that, when applied consistently, virtually guaranteed rapid and persistent fat loss for anyone. I applied them to my wife and myself. She lost over 48 pounds. Because I was not hampered by active medical conditions, I did even better.

I lost about 60 pounds during the first six months-despite my broken back. And I've kept that weight off to this very day.

I did this by using these proven, effective principles, using regular food from the grocery store, without any exhausting workouts, without a gym membership, special equipment, or a personal trainer, without special pre-prepared foods and without any starvation, whatsoever.

Works like "magic," because it's real science

Once I discovered how to tap into these scientific fat loss principles, it was easy and they became just a part of my daily life. The fat just melted away. I felt and looked better and younger than I had in years. I slept better. I had more energy. I was clearly and visibly stronger and more powerful. I had more muscle and I was leaner and faster than anyone my age that I knew. Yet, I was never starving. I ate when I was hungry. I felt satisfied all the time and never deprived.

And I never felt like I was "on a diet."

Turns back the clock, almost immediately

I had not only lost fat, but I had enhanced my appearance, my mood, my libido and my health. I had literally "turned back the clock" on my biological age, despite my disability and my chronological age. If these proven principles can work for my wife and me, they can work for anyone.

When you know the secrets of Rapid Fire Fat Loss, you will live healthier, happier and longer

It's a proven fact: if you're overweight or fat, your chances for disease, disability and an early grave are dramatically increased. But... if you can burn off that fat, and keep it off for good, you can reduce your risk for heart attack, stroke and cancer, get rid of stubborn aches and pains and live healthier, happier and longer than you ever thought possible.

I've created an easy-to-follow, effective, proven plan that does just that-fast fat loss, without suffering, without hunger and without feeling deprived. And now, I'm ready to reveal it to you. Using my doctor designed, medically sound, scientifically based principles of fat loss, you, too, can...
Melt off pounds of unwanted body fat, virtually without effort.

• Look and feel younger than you have in years.

Slip into clothing (and shoes) you haven't worn in years.

• Wear new styles you didn't dare to try before.

Enjoy a brand new wardrobe-the old sizes will be far too big.

• Look good and feel sexy naked, again.

Slash your risk of heart attack and stroke.

• Enjoy the beach, without embarrassment.

Reduce your risk of cancer.

• Cut your chances of getting diabetes.

Eliminate back and joint pains.

• Reduce your risk of arthritis.

Sleep soundly and awaken refreshed.

• Rekindle your sex life-with more desire and better performance.

Improve your mood and eliminate depression.

• Live longer and enjoy life more.

Combat body wide inflammation.

• And much, much more....

A simple program you can live with

Yet, it's simple to use and an easy program--one you can live with. It's not a "diet," per se, but a new way of relating to food, a new way of living your life. I'll show you how to eat out at restaurants and still lose weight, what dishes you should avoid and how you can literally have your cake and eat it too, but without the penalty of weight gain. I even have special tips for the morbidly obese and how you can get started, melting gobs of ugly fat right off your frame, right now.

When you consider my years of medical school and training, as well as my decades of clinical experience, that went into creating this program, it would easily be worth many thousands of dollars. Add to that the value of my extensive research, that informs every part of this program, and the true value becomes staggering. I would be completely justified in pricing this program at $1000 and at that, it would be a bargain.

After all...

What is your life worth to you?

But you won't have to pay $1000 for my program. Not even $500. Nor even $200. Because I want this life saving, health enhancing program in as many hands as possible, if you order NOW, you can get this DVD program for the prepublication investment of only $129.97! That's right! You can start using Dr. Bill's Rapid Fire Fat Loss Program, right away, for the ridiculously low amount of only $129.97, plus shipping and handling!

That's less than an office visit with me, for a proven, effective system that really works.

Here's what you get:

First, you get the RAPID FIRE FAT LOSS QUICK START CD , so you can start right away and listen in your car. Although you will want to watch my DVD, you can get fired up and oriented to the core principles of the program, by listening to this CD.

Next, you get a full length DVD that reveals the details and all of the scientific principles behind my RAPID FIRE FAT LOSS PROGRAM. I personally explain exactly what to do... and even more important, what NOT to do, every step of the way, with all the medical science behind every step.

Then, you get the RAPID FIRE FAT LOSS MANUAL, with even more detail and a full explanation of the diet recommendations and the exercises that will complete the whole picture, after you listen to the CD and watch the DVD.

It doesn't get any easier than this: imagine being able to eat more, cheat more, STILL lose fat and keep it OFF!

In your RAPID FIRE FAT LOSS DVD, you'll quickly see an outline of exactly what and how much to eat, what to add to your diet to melt fat fast, what to drink, how to exercise, and what supplements to take (and when) for maximal fat loss in the quickest time possible.

I will show you how to further boost your fat loss and do it safely, with the finest, most potent pharmaceutical grade supplements available. And I'll reveal how you can neutralize the increased aging, cancer-causing free radicals, generated by such lightning quick weight loss.

I will also reveal all the exercises I used to build muscle and reshape my body from that of a flabby, middle aged man to a lean, mean, fat-burning machine. It's a fool-proof, fat loss blueprint. And it's all laid out for you. All you need to do... is DO it! And watch your life change for the better in only weeks....

But that's not all...in addition to that...

If you take advantage of this special prepublication offer of my RAPID FIRE FAT LOSS PROGRAM right now, I'm going to sweeten the pot with some incredible FREE BONUSES, too.

The first is a Special Report on The Jealously Guarded Secret of Warp Speed Fat Loss. You'll jump for joy when you find out what it is. It's the fastest, most efficient, most painless way to blowtorch fat from your body... keep it off, for good... and literally protect yourself from a heart attack. This is easily worth over $49.97.

And to help you, even more, to achieve your fat loss goals, every order comes with even more FREE BONUSES FOR ORDERING NOW:
1. A FREE PASS to a special Rapid Fire Fat Loss Teleseminar, just for you, where I will answer all your fat loss questions, live. This is easily a $100 value, a fraction of what a personal consultation in my office would have cost you. Here's your chance to ask me any question--one on one, LIVE.

2. A full TRANSCRIPT of the RAPID FIRE FAT LOSS PROGRAM DVD, because some people like to actually hold something in their hands and take notes - a $49.97 value.

3. A Bonus CD: The Power of Positive Pain Perception - a $49.97 value. In this great CD, I explain how reality is what you perceive and I'll show you how to deal effectively with chronic pain.
All together, you're getting $250 in FREE BONUSES, over twice the value of the program itself, just for trying my proven system for RAPID FIRE FAT LOSS.

You have nothing to lose...

You've probably heard the saying "You have nothing to lose, but inches." This saying is most definitely true with my program. When you know my secrets for fat loss, you'll KNOW it's true.

Reminder: Because this is a prepublication offer and marketing test, the amount for this program is ONLY good for a very short time. When this first run is sold, the amount is definitely going up...way up.

This is life-changing information.

Listen, if you were in my office, right now, as a medical doctor, I could look you in the eye and you would know that I'm practically giving away this program, to make you better.

Click the order button below and get your copy of DR. BILL'S RAPID FIRE FAT LOSS PROGRAM, today. You won't believe how fast the fat will melt away, almost automatically. You'll look and feel better than you have in years. And you'll probably live a whole lot longer and be happier, too. So press the button and claim yours NOW. You have nothing to lose but your fat.

Yours for rapid fire fat loss and your optimal health,

"The Wellness Warrior"™

P.S. Once again, all those free bonuses alone are worth over 2 ½ times the price of this life-changing DVD program. The only thing you can lose in this deal...is unwanted FAT!

P.P.S. This opportunity will not last forever. You can choose to live your life without fear, without excess fat and without pain. But when this first run is gone, it's gone for good and the amount will go up. So avoid disappointment. Make your move and step into a whole new life. Do it NOW.

Who is Dr. Bill?

Dr. Bill Dr. Bill is William Thomas Stillwell, M.D., FACS, FICS, FAAOS, FAANAOS, FAAPGS, a board certified, licensed, orthopaedic physician and surgeon, with about a quarter century of clinical experience as a top specialist in the New York area. He is Chairman Emeritus of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center in Smithtown, New York, formerly Associate Professor of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery at SUNY, Stony Brook and Instructor of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery at the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Columbia University. He is currently the President & CEO of Dr. Bill's Clinic, Inc., Medical Director of Dr. Bill's Favorite Formulas, Inc. and the host of his podcast, The Wellness Warrior™.

He is the author of medical textbooks and multiple scientific articles for the profession and multiple publications on orthopaedics, health and wellness for the laity. He and his wife of over 36 years live with their 24 cats in Orlando, Florida and Southampton, New York.

Dr. Bill Before Dr. Bill After
Dr. Bill before (left) and after (right).

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